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£18.50 excluding postage

Each giant 40" x 27" poster is hand signed and comes in a handsome dark blue presentation tube, which in turn is packed into a robust protective mailing tube. Online transactions use the highly secure PayPal checkout system, which works with major credit and debit cards. Prices shown are in pounds sterling but for customers buying from abroad PayPal will make the necessary currency conversion.
UK 1st class: £5.80
UK 2nd class: £5.10
Europe: £7.95
World Zone 1 (USA,CAN): £11.65
World Zone 2 (AUS,NZ): £12.40

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Wildergorn posters are printed on high quality 180 gsm acid-free cartridge paper and can be coloured with felt-tip pens, bottled inks and brushes, watercolours or medium of your choice.  We recommend Stabilo 68 pens for their fabulous range of colours and extremely high-quality, long-lasting ink.

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From the Tower Mines of Skray, the River Torr winds its way southwards, following the path of a huge natural fissure as ancient as the land itself. Navigation is perilous, for although slow moving, the waters conceal many rocks and the channel often flows close to the cliff wall, where dangerous outcrops can snag a lengthy boom. Some days’ journey downstream, the Torr Canyon broadens and the river becomes marked by rapids as it enters the basin of Torr Lake. Upon this site is the industrious town of Watergorn; at its heart, the Great Lock. Although a familiar sight to the boatmen of Yennat, who frequently journey from the Tower Mines to Strake, Watergorn has long been regarded as one of the wonders of the land for nowhere else in Wildergorn can be seen such magnificent works of engineering skill. Craftsmen, making full use of the water channelled down from the canyon rim, are famed for constructing the sturdy and colourful caravans of the Mollads - distant relations of the Sarads of Skray - who travel far and wide trading the town’s many coloured cloths for exotic foods and spices.

Watergorn is also home to the Munes, a race of birdmen native to the Torr Canyon and possessed of remarkable memories. Long ago they took the role of messengers and could be seen sweeping above the town, up to the highest towers, or off along the river to welcome approaching craft. By their very nature, it also falls to the Munes to keep a watchful eye on the Dorraks, a pair of leathery birds prone to snatching up any bright metallic objects carelessly left unattended on one of the town’s many terraces. The Dorraks are of an ancient race and rumoured to be the last of their kind, for not even the Arns on their journeys through the Strangelands had ever seen or heard of another. Although often a nuisance, the Dorraks are fed and treated kindly, for legend has it that should they ever leave Watergorn, great ill will befall the town.

The people of Watergorn, although hard-working and industrious, love a celebration and there are many feasts and holidays throughout the year.  Rounding the final bend in the Torr, a ship’s crew will often be cheered by the sight of the terraces crowded with gaily-dressed people and splendid streamers of coloured cloth hanging in all the windows of the town.

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