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£18.50 excluding postage

Each giant 40" x 27" poster is hand signed and comes in a handsome dark blue presentation tube, which in turn is packed into a robust protective mailing tube. Online transactions use the highly secure PayPal checkout system, which works with major credit and debit cards. Prices shown are in pounds sterling but for customers buying from abroad PayPal will make the necessary currency conversion.
UK 1st class: £5.80
UK 2nd class: £5.10
Europe: £7.95
World Zone 1 (USA,CAN): £11.65
World Zone 2 (AUS,NZ): £12.40

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The Pogs' Defence

Wildergorn posters are printed on high quality 180 gsm acid-free cartridge paper and can be coloured with felt-tip pens, bottled inks and brushes, watercolours or medium of your choice.  We recommend Stabilo 68 pens for their fabulous range of colours and extremely high-quality, long-lasting ink.

The Pogs' Defence
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Off the south coast of Wildergorn, far out to sea across the Straits of Bune, lie two islands. The smaller, a wooded hilly plateau flanked by sheer rocky cliffs and split into two at one end by a deep narrow gorge, is inhabited by the Pogs. These small but sturdy, round-snouted band of creatures, romp happily (and slightly absent-mindedly) around their island, living mainly in the trees and feeding on nuts and fruit.

The Pogs’ greatest pleasure is the Grand Feast, which is held as frequently as possible (as often as everyone can remember to be there), in the Great Pog Tree, an enormous tree in the middle of the island, from which one can see the mainland when the Straits are not misty. The Pogs are very artistic and paint the most beautiful pictures with feather brushes and coloured berry-juices on the large papery Saptu leaves. Some of the older Pogs, knowing that these paintings are widely loved and much sought after in Wildergorn, collect them from the trees and when the dragon-riders of Krag visit the island, will exchange them for a bottle of Pellin or a hammer and nails and other small things that the Pogs might need.

Normally the Pogs roam the Island in small groups, but at regular intervals the Long Horn will sound out from the Great Pog Tree and they will gather up their wooden clubs and frolic merrily down to the cliff side to greet the Invaders from the larger of the two Islands, Skark. Skark is a forbidding island, bound in the east by the jagged Skara mountains and in the west by the marshy Barabog Plain, where not even the bravest would dare to set sinking foot. The island is inhabited by the small but warlike Skarks, their hearts as jagged as the mountain crevices in which they live.  Unlike the Pogs, the Skarks are a rule-bound race, neither artistic nor contented and thus are jealously bent on invading their neighbours’ island to destroy the Pogs' untarnished freedom. The Pogs defend their island and their peaceful lifestyle with enthusiasm, delighting in the prospect of full
tables at the Grand Victory Feasts, once the Skarks have inevitably given up and gone home.

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