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£18.50 excluding postage

Each giant 40" x 27" poster is hand signed and comes in a handsome dark blue presentation tube, which in turn is packed into a robust protective mailing tube. Online transactions use the highly secure PayPal checkout system, which works with major credit and debit cards. Prices shown are in pounds sterling but for customers buying from abroad PayPal will make the necessary currency conversion.
UK 1st class: £5.80
UK 2nd class: £5.10
Europe: £7.95
World Zone 1 (USA,CAN): £11.65
World Zone 2 (AUS,NZ): £12.40

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The Gong Wizards

Wildergorn posters are printed on high quality 180 gsm acid-free cartridge paper and can be coloured with felt-tip pens, bottled inks and brushes, watercolours or medium of your choice.  We recommend Stabilo 68 pens for their fabulous range of colours and extremely high-quality, long-lasting ink.

The Gong Wizards
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In the western realm of Loris, from the far northern Scray to the Bune Isles in the south, curves the Creeg Mountain range: the rugged spine of Wildergorn. Hidden amidst these the highest, most impenetrable crags in the land, is the mystical high peak of Astriel where always the Gong Wizards - protectors of Wildergorn - are watching and listening.

An ancient network of energy lines weaves its invisible way through the valleys of Wildergorn.  Legend has it that the Scray Lines were cast by the Gong Wizards, for wherever one or more meets another, a Gong Beacon is found. Atop each beacon hangs, as if suspended in mid-air, one of thirteen Gongs, zealously guarded by the Gong-keepers of Wildergorn and struck in times of trouble or need. When struck, nobody hears for the Gongs make no audible sound. Their vibrations resonate silently along the Scray Lines, unnoticed by all but the Gong Wizards high in the Listening Tower of Astriel. Day and night the Tower is manned by one of a rotating watch of four wizards who listen through two giant amplifying horns, elevating, tilting and swivelling them in constant search for incoming resonances. In the upper chamber of the Listening Tower, the origins of gong-strikes are plotted and missions are planned. Then from the terraces of Astriel, the Gong Wizards fly out on their sorties across the length and breadth of the land of Wildergorn.

An ancient aqueduct winds its way round the base of the Listening Tower and in its channel float the wizards’ magic hats. These hats are organic living hats, nurtured from hat-seeds, tended as healthy young hat-pods and harvested as fully-fledged hats by the wizards. Each wizard has a unique and symbiotic relationship with his hat. Some say the hats are the oldest living creatures in Wildergorn and the source of all wisdom.

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