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Each giant 40" x 27" poster is hand signed and comes in a handsome dark blue presentation tube, which in turn is packed into a robust protective mailing tube. Online transactions use the highly secure PayPal checkout system, which works with major credit and debit cards. Prices shown are in pounds sterling but for customers buying from abroad PayPal will make the necessary currency conversion.
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Potters' Road

Wildergorn posters are printed on high quality 180 gsm acid-free cartridge paper and can be coloured with felt-tip pens, bottled inks and brushes, watercolours or medium of your choice.  We recommend Stabilo 68 pens for their fabulous range of colours and extremely high-quality, long-lasting ink.

Potters' Road
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The road from Watergorn on the river Torr to Roon on the east coast of Wildergorn, passes through an immense forest known as the Forest of Lod.  At the northern edge of this ocean of trees lie the Green Ruins, the remains of an ancient city long fallen beneath the steady tread of Time and Nature.  In the glimmering shade of the trees, mossy outlines trace the shape of countless tumbled buildings and here and there a shoulder of chiselled, white stonework, shrugs aside its leafy cloak to pay silent tribute to the forgotten beauty of that city. Nobody in Wildergorn knows who built the city, or engineered the great causeway that starts amidst the ruins, then sweeps through the forest and out across the plains of Daul, spanning the ravines and chasms with faultless grace. Leaving the plains, this road winds through the woods and foothills of Sool and then climbs into the mountains and out of Wildergorn, pacing with ancient purpose northward into the Strangelands for such distance, that its end is unknown.

The abundance of rich clay and running water has tempted pot makers from afar to travel to the hills of Sool and to build their treehouses and kilns beside the road, along which they can trade their wares to the towns of Wildergorn. The road became known as Potters' Road and the craftsmen live there peacefully with the other woodland creatures who scurry out of the trees to hear the haunting sounds of the strange water-instruments which, the Potters love to make and play. The pots are transported by the tall land-craft that trundle slowly along the roads of Wildergorn, towed by the powerful Mussags. These craft are constructed and inhabited by the Arns, a quiet nomadic people who carry news and goods on the lengthy journeys around Wildergorn, never staying long in one place, and on occasion drifting beyond the mountains into the Strangelands, to return much later, saying little of their adventures.

To survive crossing the dry windy plains, the Arns equip their craft with wind-driven pumps to draw up water from the deep creeks into their storage tanks for both themselves and the Mussags. The Arns travel long and far, but on their visits to Sool are always welcomed warmly by their old friends, the pot makers, and in the warm evenings many a long tale is recounted over the feasting- tables high in the trees by Potters' Road.

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