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The pictures (and the joy of colouring them in) have an appeal that transcends the boundaries of age and gender. There has and never will be colouring-in pictures quite like these.
(Jeff Renton)


Hi You all, I had to write and ask, I am doing Potters Road and I have been looking at this ever since I got it.  Can you tell me what the heck is the thing being pulled down the road? I see that the hose that runs to the vehicle being pulled by the beasts is coming out of the creek, but what the heck is it? I am guessing that it’s a Still?? The more sane of us think it’s a watering cart. Can you give me a clue? Luckily, my daughter and a friend of mine can't leave our hands off from them!!  Thanks for all your time... we are having a blast!!!

(Cindi Haack)


Thank you again for the quick service; we have had both posters delivered now and they are both fantastic quality,  not only the paper used but the line drawings are second to none; these two were ordered for my daughters Christmas present, as she is taking her GCSE’s at the moment and finds colouring them in very therapeutic; have shared  your fab page with all my friends so hopefully you will get some more orders. Thank you once again.

(Sue Ridley)


I have a set of the originals and many semi-finished versions coloured in the course of my work as an emergency aid worker - when you’re under curfew these are brilliant for teams to kill time and anxiety. I have been to 52 emergencies in 48 different countries and am about to go for another (my third) posting in Iraq. Though the situation has improved its still not back to early 2003 (doubt it ever will be). Most of my work is with Medecins Sans Frontieres which can be really taxing but I introduced Wildergorn on my missions and its become quite a legend with so many requests. I now work for the UN and even in Morocco for work recently, many global UN workers wanted to know how to get hold of them.
(Jane Andrews)


I escape into my poster every Sunday afternoon - it makes me laugh to think how possessive I am of that time. As soon as I start to colour, I forget the real world completely - I’m totally immersed in this other world of Wildergorn. Such a relief to get away for a while. I can lose myself for hours at a time,  it’s like being a child again. I just wish there were books to go with the posters. 

(Sarah David)


I had one on the go for a long time, probably a couple of years at least. My Mum loved colouring them too, and we spent many happy times on the poster together. I can remember berating my mum for having coloured a large section between my visits! I have special memories of the posters because at the time, my mother was seriously ill in hospital. They were little islands of happiness at a time of great  tribulation.



I ordered another poster from you recently for my daughter's birthday (which is today). Unfortunately I have spent most of the day fending her brother off, who has been DYING to have a go on a full sized poster (we downloaded the free sample and coloured it in recently). So you see, your posters have caused sibling rivalry a plenty today! So unfortunately I had to order another one to keep the peace (besides which, my son said if I ordered one for him we could both share it and we had so much fun doing the sample together that I simply couldn't refuse!). I look forward to receiving the next poster soon.
(Clare Blakemore)


It took me a lot of searching to find anything as large as these posters for people who are not still children. You are one of a kind and I can promise I searched for weeks and only found you!!

(Tamsen Frye)


In Jamie Courtier’s giant posters, unclassifiable creatures creep from layers of fantasy, complementing a happy hierarchy of unlikely people. Their whimsical activities - whether sitting in a deck chair on a tower towed by yak-like beasts or enjoying a full-scale feast - materialize with a detail that would have impressed Hieronymus Bosch. here are distinct shades of Tolkien, yet Courtier’s individual images are original.

(Express and News)















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